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Paul Shillabeer

Senior Sales Coordinator Alsco Direct

In 2015 we were given the opportunity to work with Alsco, the first textile rental company in the world, established in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1889. We are proud to be associated with this highly respected organisation, providing transport solutions for the Adelaide operation and coordinating their local deliveries. Our focus on personalised service has been the important point of difference in our appointment and our ongoing client relationship.

“We at Alsco Direct/Alsco Linen were probably amongst the first of Redback Express’s customers, and are very happy to say, that the service has been excellent, efficient and pricing definitely comparable to other companies. Drivers are pleasant and well presented. We would be happy to recommend Redback Express for your next delivery/pickup.”

Scott Hender

State Manager
FurnX SA

We would gladly recommend Redback Express as a professional, reliable and friendly courier provider. Their drivers are courteous and the quality of their fleet of vehicles is excellent. John and Martin have worked closely with us and have taken the time to understand our exact needs. Great service from a South Australian company!

Thomas Gasson

Distribution Manager MM Kembla Adelaide

Redback Express  has managed to take on 100% of our needs/requirements, surpassing other carriers.

A few notable points:

  • Very easy to use and functionally amazing website!
  • Great quality team of utes, vans and truck drivers providing consistently great service
  • Quality & serviced fleet, always spec’d with relevant restraints & safety equipment
  • Paul And Steven do amazing in the office with job allocations and communication!

The service has grown into much more than the permanent truck, and I don’t foresee this changing!

We really appreciated everyone’s efforts.

Ben Bithell

State Manager Airefrig Australia

As a family owned business, we were looking to deal with like minded individuals and have found this with Redback Express. Their service is reliable and affordable and most importantly, is SA owned and operated.