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Being a sub-contracted driver can be a rewarding employment opportunity allowing you to maintain a level of independence whilst enjoying the security and support of a well run organisation. Redback Express strives to achieve a respectful partnership for all their drivers, ensuring advice and assistance is always on tap from all levels of management.
This business is customer service driven so clients remain a central focus, but not at the expense of the safety and welfare of our drivers. The owners steadfastly maintain this culture as they appreciate the essential importance of their drivers and their need for continued viability of the business arrangement.

Drivers can choose between the following vehicles:


Long wheel base, high roof vans provide the greatest flexibility but vans of all dimensions can be utilised. In some cases smaller van are best suited, especially when fitted with roof racks.


Single cab tray top utes also provide multi-purpose carrying capacities and require triple racks to maximise capabilities and earning capacity


All shapes, sizes and configurations can be required at varying times. Traytops and tautliners, with or without hydraulic tailgates and crane trucks are constant features of our fleet.

The types of vehicles required at any given time may vary dependent upon client requirements. As such, Redback Express will not advertise or recruit drivers if there isn’t sufficient work to provide them with a viable and meaningful outcome. Expectations and deliverables are honestly discussed prior to commencement to avoid disappointment, not-withstanding the normal workload fluctuations of the client base.

With decades of experience in this industry, the owners of Redback Express are acutely aware of what does and doesn’t work and drivers will benefit from their experience and advice.