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Our approach to our team is formally recognised in our Mission and Vision statements acknowledging for our clients our commitment to appropriate attitudes, behaviour and management practices throughout our business.

To reiterate, our core values include:

  • being open, honest and transparent with each other
  • being reliable and accountable in all that we do
  • acknowledging our differences and respecting the value of individuality always treating others as we would wish to be treated
  • working together and supporting each other to achieve our common goals
  • valuing the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and encouragement
  • commitment to the health and safety of team member

We believe the culture and work environment we provide for our employees and sub-contracted drivers directly effects the quality of our service.

Our Mission statement declares the respect we will show to all stakeholders which naturally includes our employees and subcontractors. This paves the way in solidifying strong long-term relationships with our team members and in turn our clients.

We are proud of the Redback team we have established, with each member valued for their own spirit and professionalism, and we look forward to including more like-minded team members as the business grows and strengthens into the future.