John Morris


The man to talk to for any sales enquiries. John’s entire career has centred on customer service, his vast knowledge of both local and international transport logistics ensures a solution is always at hand.


Managing international freight movements has provided John with precise attention to detail while his genial personality enables him to develop meaningful business relationships.

John originally kicked off his professional life as a chef. Decades ago he turned off that road and started down the transport path. He began as a driver, progressing into a logistics role for an international company, eventually working his way to Operations Manager.

John’s nature and skillset subsequently lead to his move into a business development role, working alongside Martin, and contributed significantly to the growth of the company. His friendly nature and commitment to customer service became hallmarks of his approach to business.

In 2015, John and Martin decided to capitalise on their shared perspective to the provision of transport services on the Adelaide scene, initiating their partnership in Redback Express.

Through John’s dedicated attitude and vast knowledge of logistics he not only ensures that all Redback Express clients get what they need, he also ensures the whole process is managed with sincerity, care and commitment – not to mention a sense of humor too!