Safe Delivery Tips


The more information that is provided at the time of booking, the more effective the delivery will be. If you make your booking by phone, you are likely to be prompted for this information but if you book via the internet, please take the time to provide as much information as possible.



Dimensions and weight are critical in determining the most effective vehicle to use for its delivery. Accuracy is not vital so if you don’t have any specific measurements, an educated guess will suffice.


For courier and ute deliveries, please choose the service that best suits your time-frame requirements so we can co-ordinate accordingly. Please advise of any closing times, or shut-down times (lunches) that may be applicable.

Pick Up and Drop off

Accurate address details are paramount, in particular the type of street or road (street, road, court, crescent, drive, highway etc).

Details of any physical obstacles are very useful so we can make provisions. Rough terrain, lack of stairs on a multi-storey building, access or parking restrictions for vehicles, building accessibility for drivers.


If one or more of the above points have the potential to, or pose a risk to the safety

of a driver we need to know so as not to put our drivers in harm’s way or in an uncompromising position. Safe manual handling practices are crucial to the well-being of our drivers. We implore them not to undertake any activity they are not comfortable in performing and they will be supported by Redback Express and its clients to employ workplace ‘best practice’ in all situations.


Download COMPLIANCE and ENFORCEMENT document