Freight Management Technology


Adding another dimension to the personal service provided by the Redback Express team, the tailor-made technology we have employed enables both our company and our clients to effectively manage, monitor and measure all aspects of freight movements. 



Specifically designed for transport companies, this ever-evolving software opens the doors of our operation to our clients by allowing them to access real-time tracking. This functionality genuinely substantiates our commitment to open and honest communication. Coupled with the instantaneous precision of satellite navigation and the immediate data availability via digital communication, this collaboration provides our clients the peak of effectiveness and efficiency.

Naturally, this technology also enables the Redback team to provide the speediest response to your booking ensuring your freight is underway as soon as possible.

Bookings can be made promptly and effectively via our website, which can be located on your computer desktop for fast access. That’s just the beginning.

Proof of delivery (P.O.D.) is possibly the most critical step in successful freight movements as it can subsequently alleviate any delivery anomalies. The ‘sign on glass’ technology employed by Redback Express means this information and evidence is captured and available to clients immediately upon delivery and can also be stored for future reference.

The electronic devices supplied to Redback Express drivers feature camera capabilities that are used to record any anomalies related to freight, its loading and unloading, and transportation. Rarely required, this added capability can prove valuable to our clients if the need arises.